Fonderia Careglio:
A reference point

Fonderia Careglio celebrated its 60th year of production in 2013. It was founded by F.lli Careglio (Giovanni, Maria, Teresio). From the very beginning, the company GAGNOR MATTEO (son of Careglio Maria) has collaborated and managed. Thanks to his line of conduct based on human values and unmovable professional principles (will, enthusiasm, solidity, dedication to work and correctness), he brought the company in a leading position on the market, becoming a supplier of important companies in all sectors.


Today the company is proudly managed by Gagnor Giovanni (son of Gagnor Matteo) working in the company since 1978, as well as by his sons Sara Elisa and Davide.

Thanks to the knowledge acquired in the past and applying new technologies, Fonderia Careglio manages to obtain the best possible results, both on quality and on production processes.

To strengthen the image on the market Fonderia Careglio has decided to implement a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015.

Keeping pace in the die casting industry requires constant commitment. For this reason the company is always looking for new methods and new technologies, in order to always guarantee the production of aesthetically, structurally and qualitatively excellent castings.

In 2010 the Fonderia Careglio expanded the factory, improving production, quality and economic level.

Given the importance of the environmental impact, during the expansion phase, it has installed 700 photovoltaic panels covering an area of ​​1100 square meters with an electricity production capacity of 180 kw / h.

As the company has always operated in compliance with increasingly stringent laws and regulations, in 2011 it requested and obtained the integrated environmental authorization in order to implement the prevention and integrated pollution reduction for industrial plants at Community level.

The company currently operates with 9 die-casting machines, some of which have fully automated and robotized molding islands.

In order to control the quality of die castings, the company also has an X-ray machine and a digital cutter for dimensional control of the product.

Fonderia Careglio is proud to serve Italy and Europe with aluminum alloy components (EN AB 46100, EN AB 47100) mainly in the automotive sector but also in other sectors.

Client references

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